London (UK): from Store street to Bethnal Green, hunting for graffiti.

From Store street to Bethnal Green, it is a five kilometres walk where is possible to find some very beautiful examples of graffiti. Just arrived to East End, you are received by an explosion of colours on the walls and all these graffiti are very lovely and interesting.

They seem to have some kind of meaning, some hidden message, some dark secret. Photograph this spontaneous popular art is like to stop time: probably the graffiti in this photos of the blog today are disappeared.

They are drawn mostly over temporary structures , like the fencing of a building site or the walls of a house in ruins so they are destined to vanish.



Ben lives and works in London, a metropolis that often explored on foot. Besides a passion for Unix and Linux, he has created and manages a website dedicated to the writer Iain Sinclair, who gave his "blessing " to the initiative.

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